Array of Things File Browser

This site provides early access to Array of Things data via bulk download. During the installation and break-in period for the next several months nodes may also undergo maintenance, causing gaps in data.

As with most scientific data sets, many of these files will be too large to open in a standard desktop spreadsheet. The team is finalizing a new set of APIs to facilitate hosting the data in friendly portals such as and and we plan to provide them in the coming weeks.

During the next several months the AoT team and collaborators are analyzing each sensor stream in order to provide metadata regarding its use, including accuracy and precision. Air quality sensor data streams are also being calibrated through both controlled testing and collocation with regulatory instruments operated by federal, state, and/or local agencies. This calibration and evaluation process will require several months of test data.

As each sensor stream evaluation process completes, data from those sensors as well as any relevant metadata will be added to Public data sets.

We also provide bulk download of all sensor data for individuals who are interested in participating in the evaluation and characterization of the data from the Complete data sets. Users of this raw data should consult the sensor data sheets and are advised to await the completion of our evaluation process prior to using the data for scientific, policy, or operational decisions.

Data is owned by the University of Chicago and provided as is under the Plenario data terms.

Thanks for your interest in this research project! Follow @ArrayofThings on Twitter for updates.