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If you know of a dataset you would like to see in, suggest it here.
Once submitted, we'll review it. If approved we'll email when your data has been added.

Currently, is able to accept any URL to a comma separated value (CSV) or link to a dataset on a Socrata data portal (like that has fields with the following attributes:

Column Description Example
Unique id a field that is guaranteed to contain a unique number for every row in the dataset, even if rows are updated '194867'
Observation date a date or datetime field for each observation '1999-01-08'
'January 8, 1999'
or any date format supported by Postgres
Latitude/Longitude or Location either two fields with latitude and longitude , or a single field with both of them formatted (latitude, longitude) '41.425, -88.419'

Link to a dataset

Publicly available URL for a data source in CSV format or a Socrata dataset.