The next stage in open data.

Plenario is a centralized hub for open datasets from around the world, ready to search and download.

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One database. One map.

All data in Plenario exists on a single map and a single timeline, making it incredibly easy to access multiple datasets at once—especially those originally housed at different data portals.

Anyone can add data.

Anyone can add datasets to Plenario via the Add dataset form. You can add any publicly available CSV dataset as long as it includes date and location information; publicly available ESRI Shapefiles enclosed in .zip files can also be added.

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Extremely easy to access.

No coding, no NDAs, no navigating government websites older than you are. Accessing the data is as easy as selecting dates and drawing on a map. (Don't worry, you can still code.)

Enormous variety of data.

City data portals, the federal government, individual datasets—we have it all, whether originally housed at Socrata or CKAN data portals or in CSV format.

Tell the story of place.

With all the data at your fingertips, you can watch places change over time.

Let’s build something bigger than all of us.

Plenario is fully open source, collaborative, extensible, and growing every day. It isn’t just a platform—it’s a community and a new way to think about open data.

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