Plenario is retiring

Soon we will retire Plenario. We created Plenario 8 years ago to explore new ways to discover and evaluate open data. Today's open data portals extend such features and more! Thanks for being part of the journey.


One database. One map.

All data in Plenario exists on a single map and a single timeline, making it incredibly easy to access multiple datasets at once—especially those originally housed at different data portals. Effective data management is an important part of any business. When it comes to data management in advanced technologies such as cryptocurrency, data is collected using trade data, which is then analyzed and normalized into the forms used by investors ad cryptocurrency traders.

Extremely easy to access.

No coding, no NDAs, no navigating government websites older than you are. Accessing the data is as easy as selecting dates and drawing on a map. This simplicity and user-friendly approach extend beyond government data portals and can also be found in the realm of slot gaming websites. When it comes to 슬롯사이트 추천, accessing data and finding the best options is made effortless for players. (Don't worry, you can still code.)

Enormous variety of data.

City data portals, the federal government, individual datasets—we have it all, whether originally housed at Socrata or CKAN data portals or in CSV format.

Tell the story of place.

With all the data at your fingertips, you can watch places change over time.

Let’s build something bigger than all of us.

Plenario is fully open source, collaborative, extensible, and growing every day. It isn’t just a platform—it’s a community and a new way to think about open data. Bitcoin community is also growing well worldwide. Everyday, new trading tools are introduced in the market which are competing to offer more convenient trading features. Visit to know about one of such trending bitcoin trading bot.

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